Do you want Kotak 811 cheque book?

Wait... I'll answer your queries but before that check your Kotak 811 zero balance account type. Is it a lite, limited KYC or full KYC account? As it depends on the account type. 

Here, starts the information you need to know.

Does Kotak 811 Provide Cheque Book?

Kotak Mahindra bank provides 4 four types of 811 account (3 zero balance account and 1 non-zero balance account).

I'll be talking about zero balance accounts only.

After opening zero balance account you won't get cheque book you've to request for it. And... Yes, they do provide cheque book if you fit into their criteria and pay for the charges.

Out of these 3 types of zero balance account only "Kotak 811 Full KYC account" supports cheque book. So, your account should be full kyc account type (biometric kyc is done). And this is the only criteria to request the cheque book.

What are the Charges Kotak 811 Take for Cheque Book

Kotak 811 app allows you to order minimum 25 leaves size of the cheque book. It has only 2 option 25 and 50 leaves to order cheque book. 

For selected users, 5 leaves are free (Nil Charges) per quarter (Period of 3 months in a year) thereafter Kotak Mahindra bank charges RS 3 + applicable taxes per leaf.

How to Apply for Cheque Book in Kotak 811

Follow these steps to request cheque book using Kotak 811 & mobile banking app.
  1. Open Kotak 811 & mobile banking app
  2. It will show my Kotak page at first
  3. Click service request listed below the app
  4. Now click cheque requests
  5. The app will ask to select the number of leaves you want.
  6. As there are only two options 25 and 50, select any one of them
  7. And finally hit below "Request cheque book button".
Kotak 811 cheque book requesting page

After that, you will receive a confirmation message and your Kotak 811 cheque book will be delivered to your address.

How to Deposit Cheque in Kotak 811

Your "full kyc Kotak 811 account" is similar to a normal savings account. And the process followed to deposit a cheque is also similar.

To deposit a cheque into the account you've to visit your Kotak 811 home branch. At home branch, employees will guide you about the further process. If you don't know your home branch follow the below steps.

  1. Open Kotak 811 & mobile banking app
  2. Click service request option listed below
  3. Then select "Account service request"
  4. Now choose "change of home branch" option
  5. Click the Savings/Current/ Overdraft Account
  6. After clicking the option it will show the current home branch for your account

kotak 811 home branch for depositing cheque


So, Kotak Mahindra bank provides cheque book for 811 users only if have full kyc account. To upgrade lite and limited kyc accounts to full kyc account you've to complete kyc process.

This is my knowledge about Kotak 811 Cheque Book.