Want to change the number?

Then here are the two ways to change Kotak 811 registered mobile number
  • Mobile Banking Method Using App
  • Using net banking

I'll discuss both of these methods in this blog post.

What is a Registered Mobile Number?

A Registered mobile number is a number stored in the bank records or the number given while opening the bank account for new users. You can also change the mobile number if required in the future.

What Things You Will Require to Change The Mobile Number?

You'll need the following things to change your Kotak 811 registered mobile number.

Kotak 811 & mobile banking app / Netbanking Activated in your Zero balance account


Kotak 811 Debit card details/ Mobile number linked with aadhar card/ Current registered Kotak 811 mobile number/ Kotak 811 Credit card details

From here I'll discuss the process to change the number

1. ) Mobile Banking Method Using App

Kotak 811 for update mobile number

Steps to Change the Mobile Number Using Mobile banking

  1. Open Kotak 811 & mobile banking app
  2. Login into your account by filling login details such as CRN & MPIN
  3. After that click on service request listed below in the app
  4. Click on profile option and further mobile update option
  5. Now Enter your new mobile number in both the blanks and click update
  6. After clicking update it will display your crn number & new mobile number hit confirm button to confirm the number
  7. Now it will display 3 options (Debit card, aadhar OTP, OTP) to authenticate the process
  8. If you have debit card select debit card option and enter the debit card details
  9. If your mobile number is linked with aadhar card then select aadhar OTP option
  10. If you have the current Kotak 811 registered number then select OTP option

After completing the process, it will display a success message. It will some time to update the number (may take 24 hours).

2. ) Using Netbanking

kotak 811 netbanking page for changing mobile number

If you have activated Net Banking for your account then you can use net banking to change your registered mobile number.

Steps to Change the Mobile Number Using Net banking

  1. Login into your net banking account
  2. After login at the top, you'll see Profile/Update Contact Details.
  3. Click that and it will take you to profile page
  4. Scroll down and you'll spot contact details.
  5. In Contact details click edit link for mobile number
  6. Now enter the new mobile number and hit confirm
  7. To verify the process Kotak bank will do some verification through debit card details, credit card details, secret question, one-time password (OTP)
  8. Verify using any one of the four available options (You can also use virtual debit card details for debit card details option)
kotak 811 netbanking for changing mobile number options

After verifying the process you'll receive a success message and the mobile number will get updated within 24 hours.


This is how I change my Kotak 811 registered mobile number using both mobile and net banking.

If you have any other doubts related to Kotak 811 comment down below. I'll be glad to help you.