I forgot my Kotak 811 mpin

If that is your problem then you're in the right place

Because today I'm going to show 3 ways by which you can reset your Kotak 811 MPIN.

A.) How Can I get Kotak 811 MPIN If Forgot?

1. Get MPIN via Text Message

Simply, Send SMS to 567788 with your registered mobile number.
The message is 'MPIN<space><your CRN>'.

for e.g 'MPIN 276485566'.

Then you'll receive a link to reset MPIN as a message on your registered mobile number.

2. Using 2 Methods of Kotak 811 App

For generating new MPIN you will need Kotak 811 & 
net banking app. If you already installed the app then you are good to go and if not then install the Kotak 811 & Net Banking App.

Open Kotak 811 & Net Banking app.

Case 1: If you logged into the account before then it will take you to My Kotak page.
kotak 811 my kotak page

Click on Kotak 811 then it will take you to the login page (CRN filled).

kotak 811 login page 2

Case 2: If you logged in for the first time it will show you a login page (Without CRN filled).

Kotak 811 login page 1

Enter your CRN number then it will take you to above screenshot where your name will display and CRN number will be saved in encrypted form.

If you don't know your CRN number.

Read this article: How to Get Kotak 811 CRN Number If You Forgot

From here all the steps are the same.

Click on forgot MPIN

Then it will show 3 ways to reset or generate MPIN
  • Personal details (Not working currently)
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Net Banking

1.) Debit/Credit Card

Tap on 'Debit/Credit Card' option.

Here, you need to enter your physical debit or credit card details such as debit/credit card number, CVV, expiry number, card pin.

Now, you can set new MPIN for future use.

If you are confused between a virtual debit card and physical debit card then read about it below.

2.) Net Banking

Tap on 'Netbanking' option.

If you have activated your net banking facility earlier enter your net banking password.

Now, you can set new MPIN for future use.

B.) What is MPIN & What Are its Uses?

The full form of MPIN is Mobile Personal Identification Number. You will use it for 2 purposes
  • virtual debit card pin
  • Mobile app banking password  

When you opened this zero balance account you got Kotak 811 virtual debit card free of cost. It is used for online purposes only. The mpin is used as a pin for the virtual card.

If you have installed the Kotak 811 & Net Banking App. Then you need CRN number as username and MPIN as a password.

C.) What is the Difference Between MPIN & Physical Debit Pin?

As talked earlier you will get a virtual debit card only for free of cost which can be seen & used through the app for online purposes.

While the physical debit card needs to be ordered through the app by paying for its charges. 

The physical debit charges are RS 199 + taxes (around Rs 234) for first-time users and RS 299 + taxes (around Rs 334) for more than once users.

After placing the order for the physical debit card. You need to generate a new pin for Physical debit card. It is up to you to set new six-digit debit pin same as MPIN or different than it.


This is how you can reset your forgotten Kotak 811 MPIN.

If you have any other problem related to Kotak 811 feel free to ask.