Are you confused about KYC?

AND... Want to know about how to do kyc?, what document will be needed?, what are the charges for it?, Why to do it? Is there any benefit?.

Then you've clicked the right result.

Because Today I'm going to answer all your questions regarding Kotak 811 KYC process.

A.) What is Kotak 811 KYC?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. Kotak 811 is a payments bank so it comes under the RBI regulations.

According to RBI, every customer needs to be verified. Customers are verified using the aadhar card & the process is called as KYC.

In Kotak 811 you need to do kyc in order to enjoy all services of Kotak 811.

And the Customers who failed to get verified will not be able to enjoy all services. It will be limited in some sense.

B.) Does Kotak 811 charge for KYC?

Big NO... KYC is completely free of cost.

Although the bank representative is most likely to ask to add a certain amount of money in the full KYC Kotak 811 zero balance account after completing kyc process.

I think it is just a strategy to encourage money deposits in Kotak 811 account. When i did my kyc the bank representative asked me to deposit RS 1000 in the account.

As Kotak 811 is zero balance account I understood that it is just their strategy. I added RS 100 to check how the account works. Although you don't need to add money compulsorily.

You don't need to get panic if they ask you to add money in the account.

C.) Which Documents are Required For Kotak 811 KYC?

You will need aadhar card and pan card for KYC. Also, you will need your own finger at the time of kyc for doing the biometric scan of your finger.

SO... Don't forget to take these things.

D.) How to Do Kotak 811 KYC?

These are the steps you need to follow in order to get your KYC done.

1.) First, you will need Kotak 811 & mobile banking app. So install it if you don't have.

2.) Login into your Kotak 811 account using CRN & MPIN.


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kotak 811 login page

3.) Now, click on 811

kotak 811 section on app

4.) You will see the option "book an appointment" or "locate the nearest branch".

kotak 811 kyc appointment

5.) Case A: "book an appointment" option is supported at your location. 

Then: It will show your details such as crn, name, home branch etc. Now you'll need to select the date for the kyc appointment.

Case B: "book an appointment" option is not supported at your location.

Then: You need to visit your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch with the necessary documents for kyc.

E.) Is there any KYC Benefit?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits of KYC such as unlimited validity, unlimited cumulative credits, paid passbook, paid cheques etc.

There are 3 types of zero balance Kotak 811 bank account.
  1. 811 lite
  2. 811 Limited KYC
  3. 811 Full KYC Account

First, 2 accounts have many limitations especially lite account. These two accounts are active for only 365 days i.e 1 year after that they will be discontinued.


This is how i did my Kotak 811 KYC and you'll need to follow these steps to get your own full kyc account.

Don't forget to take the required documents.

If you have any other doubts regarding Kotak 811 feel free to ask in the comment box.