How to get CRN number?

If this is your question you don't need to worry about it. For some reasons, if you forgot your CRN number you can retrieve it by using any one of the below methods.

There are 2 ways to get/know/find Kotak 811 CRN number if you forgot

  • Get it via text SMS
  • Check your Physical Debit card

What is CRN number?

The full form of CRN is Customer Relationship Number. This number is different and unique for every Kotak user. Kotak Mahindra bank uses this number to distinguish their customers. 
It is like an Aadhar card number.

Kotak 811 CRN number is used to access online banking facilities like net banking, app banking etc.

Where to Find CRN number?

1.) Get it via Text SMS

For this method, you would require the number which you provided to Kotak Mahindra bank at the time of opening this account.

Or In case you changed your number by the app, net banking etc. then that number will become your new registered mobile number.

kotak 811 CRN number by sms

  1. Open messaging application on your smartphone.
  2. Now start sending a message from your registered mobile number.
  3. And Type "CRN".
  4. Send it to 9971056767 number.
  5. Then you'll receive an SMS having your unique CRN number.

2.) Check your Physical Debit card

We don't get physical debit card while making this ZERO balance account. We get a virtual debit card on Kotak app at free of cost. It can be used for online purchases only. You need to order this by paying its charges.

If you have Kotak 811 physical debit card. Look at left down corner to find your crn number.

Debit Card for Kotak 811 CRN number forgot


These are the two way to check the Kotak 811 CRN number in case you forget it.

If you want to ask anything regarding Kotak 811 feel free to ask.